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The Apprentice Corner is the educational section of our website designed for assistants to openly share ideas and learn from one another.

Best Practices

The articles posted on the left side of this page are Best Practice Blogs. The Blogs are intended to provide a forum for Apprentices and Assistants to share ideas, philosophies, and concepts. All Association Members are encouraged to share information pertaining to the following categories:

  • Customer Service
  • Career Enhancement
  • Tournament Operations
  • Teaching
  • Playing
  • Merchandising
  • Testing

Please feel free to write articles of your own, or attach links to articles you see elsewhere, and contribute them to the site. Not only is it good practice to write articles, but your comments can allow others to hear what has worked well, and not so well. If you are interested in submitting your own “Best Practice” please click here and send us your article.

If you have found an article or posting to be helpful in The Apprentice Corner, please don’t hesitate to contact the author of this article.  Anyone who is posting articles is more than willing to help you with any aspect of the industry.  The authors name and email address are provided at the bottom of each post.

Apprentice Education Scholarship

As a member of the New England Assistants’ Association, you have contributed $5.00 of your dues to an Education Award.  These monies have been collected from the membership dues since 2009.  The Association has now successfully funded an annual scholarship to be awarded every year to a deserving Apprentice who doesn’t receive education financial assistance from their employer.  If you are interested in applying for this scholarship, please click the link on the left for the application.  The winner will be announced at the Annual Fall Meeting.

Study Guides

For those apprentices who will be taking checkpoint tests, we have included a few study guides to help you study for those important tests.  Please note, these Study Guides are not to be used as an alternative to completing the required course work.  They are compiled from previous apprentices who have successfully passed the checkpoints.  If you have additional study guides that you would like to add to our library, please contact any member of the Board.

PAT Schedule

Apprentices who are interested in starting the journey to PGA membership can learn more by visiting  The New England PGA conducts Playing Ability Tests throughout the golfing season.  Those events are listed for your convenience on the left as well. Just click on the link.

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